For every company a Startup Mentor, ready to help you

Our mentors are the professionals in their field of expertise and are willing to bring their knowledge closer to you. They will provide you with a constant feedback, help you with the validation process and the business model you are creating. This way, our mentors can ensure that your startup develops and moves in the right direction.

We have selected first-class mentors, experienced specialists in their field, who will assist you in your exploration process to a scalable and durable business model. Two types of mentors will mentor you. They will help you achieve growth as soon as possible.
  • Dedicated skills based mentors
  • One investor mentor or a mentor with access to investors
  • Regular network meetings with people that help you create a profitable business

Do you want to know more about how we use startup mentoring within our program? Contact our PreXLR Manager Sebastiaan Kors