Discover the services we have to turn your business into success!

We succeed in breeding blue whales of the market as a result of a systematic approach and provision of the best services. Our knowledge and expertise, as well as our partners’ network, allow us to create an environment for a constant growth and development for startups and corporates. We do it by offering a variety of opportunities to our clients. BW Ventures has top-notch mentors and professionals who ensure high-quality content of all the services we provide. Together, we grow your business and bring the success closer to you!


We help you reach a product-market fit within our dedicated 100-day program. You will have access to the best and  experienced early-stage startup mentors, which will help build your team and get you and your startup investor ready!

At the end of our program, you will have a comprehensive and tested (validated) business model including your first customers.

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Growth Hack Workshop

During this two half-day session workshop, you will discover what impact Growth Hacking can have on your growth and marketing activities. You’ll learn why you should use Growth Hacking, how you can implement it and what you need to do to create a successful growth-engine for your company.

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Lean Startup Executive Workshop

This is an executive workshop on Lean Startup with the emphasis on the managing of Lean Startup teams. As a result of implementing the skillset you acquired during the workshop, your (new) business development team will start development of new innovations more effectively, efficiently and above all with less risks. Finally, we will look at how Lean Startup fits in a large organisation.

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How-to Sessions

Every month we organize free How To Sessions at our office for our community. We provide useful tips on accelerating the success of a startup by sharing the knowledge we have.

Regularly, we invite speakers and coaches from different organizations who give high-quality workshops for the participants.

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