Find you’re first customers and an investment in our Cybersecurity startup program

Our PreXLR program is a unique program suited for early-stage cybersecurity startups that looking to offer products and services in Europe. We facilitate an unique process to validate the commercial feasibility of your idea and assumptions about your potential customers and market and explore the best solutions. You will run experiments, build MVP’s (Minimal Viable Products) and talk to many potential customers. Our program and your office space is based in Europe’s biggest cybersecurity eco-system: The Hague Security Delta (HSD). On top of this we work with seasoned program management who will help you to access the Western-Europe market (customers, partners, channels) or help you jump to the US or Asian market. At the end of our program, you will have a comprehensive and validated business model including your first customers and a go-to-market plan which will launch you’re business and readiness for investors.

Our program includes:

  • An intensive 100-days program with data-driven customer validation
  • Building MVP’s and launching experiments
  • Finding your first customers
  • Access to Europe’s biggest cybersecurity eco-system
  • Access to US and Asian eco-systems
  • Dedicated top notch mentors for investor-readiness
  • Dedicated and experienced mentor for sales/marketing readiness and go-to-market plans
  • Office space for 3 months at The Hague Security Delta (free desk, Wifi and the necessary dose of coffee)
  • Conference rooms for investor and team meetings
  • Keynote and investor pitch training
  • Finding an investment

Who should attend?
If you are have an idea or are an early stage startup on of the following topics, you should attend this program: Cybersecurity, Threat Intelligence, Securing IoT, Mobile Security, Digital Platform Security, Security Management, Privacy & Compliancy, GDPR, Identity & Access Management and Blockchain.

This program is also perfectly suited for startups outside Western-Europe who wants to launch their business in Europe. We work closely with governmental and foreign investment agencies to start building a solid business in the Netherlands.

Why is this program unique?

  • Dedicated focus on Cybersecurity startups
  • We focus on early stage problem-solution fit and product-market fit before you are going into expensive product development
  • It not about creating technology, It’s all about customers adopting technology
  • You will get help finding and talking to potential customers (sales and marketing support)
  • We know the security market because we have building ourselves successful cybersecurity companies
  • you will get the best Lean Startup experts in Europe to validate your ideas very fast
  • We skip the blah, blah, no show elements because we are there for you (also after the program)
  • You have a chance to get an investment from our affiliated seed-fund or gain an investment from others

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